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Legal services in Belarus

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The popular Law firm-"Stepanovski, Papakul and partners" that started in 2006 year end, offers incredible legal services to the people in Belarus. It was an amalgamation of the Law Firm "Apices Juris" with knowledgeable skill of 14 years along with three individual practices. "Stepanovski, Papakul and partners" is the Law Firm holding a license for providing legal and lawful services and the license number for which is No 02240/0068010 permitted by the Ministry of Justice in the year 2007, Jan 10.

The Law Firm "Stepanovski, Papakul and partners" is one of the largest and the most successful law firms in Belarus with regards to the International and Local ranking lists. It is even recognised as one of the top and principal law companies in Belarus. The Law Firm "Stepanovski, Papakul and partners" aim at uniting the best experts and professionals from different fields of law so that they are efficient to offer excellent legal services to their clientele. They concentrate on the good for their customers results. Their clients success mean a lot to them and they actually work hard for their success. The legal experts are very proficient to offer legal services to solve any complex or problematic legal issue.

The main aim for hiring a team of professional experts is to provide best legal services to satisfy their clients completely. They focus on thoughts to make their clients business successful and are set to solve the most complicated legal matter with great professionalism. Here are the main principles on which the Law Firm -"Stepanovski, Papakul and partners" work in Belarus:
- {Maintenance of professional ethics is compulsory,
- To evade difference of interests,
- Adhere strictly to the legal services that are rendered by this company with the present legislation,
- Work with professionalism in all aspects,
- Main concern to client's interests,
- Preserving lengthy relation and support with the clients,
- Not disclosing any personal information about their clients.

With 15 lawyers working with the Law Firm "Stepanovski, Papakul and partners" are competent enough to resolve legal issues from any field. The legal experts from different legal fields are capable to render first-class legal services to their clients and thus successfully protect their interests and safeguard their confidentiality. They are proficient to converse various foreign languages therefore provide best legal services to clients from Russian countries also along with English speaking clients.

The Law Firm "Stepanovski, Papakul and partners" offer legal services to national as well as foreign companies. The company has 20 staff members which form a powerful institution along with 3 law sections for commercial practice, judicial practice and corporate practice. The legal experts work with thorough professionalism. Hence, if you are looking for any effective Law Firm in Belarus, you can always hunt for help from the Law Firm "Stepanovski, Papakul and partners".

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