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The Legal Complications of BYOD

As more and more companies rushed to hastily implement their own home-cooked BYOD-based mobile device/apps management policies to cash in on the new fangled idea of gaining enhanced employee productivity, industry experts warned that there were bound to be a few problems along the way. Though most of these problems were related to device management and corporate data security, many legal concerns have also emerged from BYOD implementation. In a BYOD environment, employees are allowed to use the same device for both personal and work-related activities. Here we will discuss some of the grey areas created by BYOD implementation by companies.

Employer's access to Employees' Personal Messages/Data

It really was much easier in the RIM (Research In Motion) age of long ago with only a few company-owned BlackBerry phones handled by a select group of high-ranking individuals, who connected to the enterprise network using those mobile devices. As it was company property, there was no question that whatever data was on the device was owned by the employer and the employee was expected to use the device only for of work-related activities. Following the implementation of BYOD, it's not so clear anymore and many companies forgot to include express instruction related to management of personal data contained on those devices. A device bought and used by an employee under the employer's BYOD policy may or may not contain a clear definition of what data on the device can be accessed by the employer. In such uncertainty, either party can (and probably will) perceive their situation to be infarction on their rights and demand for legal advice. Personal messages and personal data are only the tip of the iceberg- the situation could include an employee's personal project, which is considered to be in direct conflict with a current project of the employer and so on. In each of these cases, if a carefully worded legally-valid document stating the current BYOD policy of the employer is unavailable, many of the cases could end up in court and lead to wastage of both time and money for all parties concerned.

Till some years ago, the practice of introducing spyware into enterprise computers to monitor employee behavior was considered to be an acceptable practice and such invasion of privacy was believed to be essential for securing the employer's interests. Currently, companies have moved towards alternate methods such as blocking access to web pages using firewalls or restricting access to corporate networks using user authentication systems, key-based encryptions etc. Many offshore software development companies provide such enterprise security solutions to companies all over the world. Unfortunately, BYOD devices are not owned by the employer unless they provide reimbursement for the device purchased by the employee and mention the same in the BYOD policy document. This is a veritable legal mine-field and there is often no clear answer to the question it poses about- employee's rights vs. employer's rights. There are additional problems too, such as, what can the employer legally do, if an employee's BYOD device contains potentially illegal data such as pirated music, pirated videos or other restricted material? Does the employer have the right to wipe such data or just inform the employee about a possible legal infarction? By informing the employee about the possibility of legal infarction, does the employer become an accomplice to the crime committed by the employee? These are but some of the tough questions that an organization's legal department needs to figure out in order to develop an efficient BYOD strategy.

The Grey Area Intersecting Cyber Risk Insurance and BYOD

In legal terms, an organization (company) is considered to be an entity with the right to protect its existence as well as itself from criminal acts as well as other actions that have a detrimental effect on its operations. In order to reduce the losses incurred by breach of data security, many firms are resorting to the use of Cyber Risk Insurance as a tool to reduce probable losses. However, a new problem has emerged subsequent to introduction of BYOD in the enterprise. A number of the current cyber risk insurance policies currently in effect, provide organizations coverage for only those security breaches, which originate from company-owned devices. As, BYOD devices are employee owned and not company-owned (unless otherwise mentioned in any employee-employer agreement), such devices are not covered by many of the existing and currently applicable Cyber Risk Insurance policies. In such a case, if a security breach in the corporate network occurs due to improper usage of an employee-owned BYOD device, the insurance company can (and most probably will) decline any payout to the organization as such as device is not covered by the currently applicable Cyber Risk Insurance policy. I think this classifies as an example of the classic "out of the fire pan, into the fire" situation!

Some Probable Solutions

The first possible solution can be based on the point of view that "prevention is better than cure." To that effect, an employee can choose to own two separate devices one for use at the workplace and the other for personal use, however that nullifies a key benefit of BYOD- having a single device of the employees choice for all of his/her work and personal requirements. Some legal experts have also advised employers to seek legal counsel at the time of signing a BYOD agreement to ensure that their rights as an individual are not infringed by the agreement, however, in practice that might be difficult as well as quite unfeasible for both the employee and the employer. The unfortunate fact is that, legal processes tend to move quite slowly as compared to the blazing speed of IT technology and mobile apps development and this creates gaps such as the gap caused between BYOD and its legal implications for the enterprise. It hence falls upon companies to introduce proper protocols to ensure that such situations are prevented wherever possible and also ensuring that an employee understands the ramifications of the security policy / BYOD policy currently followed by the employer. All of this is a source of concern provided that employers actually continue with the deployment of BYOD at the work place, though it is doubtful that the policy of enterprise BYOD would reverse itself following the current enterprise environment.

With respect to the cyber risk insurance situation, it is definitely advisable for organizations to carefully review the existing terms and policies of their insurance. If required, organizations would negotiate with the insurance to add new elements to the existing policy or if necessary, search for a new insurer to ensure that the corporation's interests are adequately protected. Additionally, investing in custom software development targeted at strengthening the security of sensitive corporate data available on the company's servers would also help organization weather out this BYOD storm.

Mr. Dipak Chopra has over 15 years of industry experience and is a leading figure in the information technology industry. Prior to joining eXtendCode, an offshore software development company based at Gurgaon in India, which provides software solutions such as Web Enabled Solutions, Mobile Solutions and Application Maintenance Services etc. Dipak worked at management positions in different global companies.

Why Choose a Neutral Site for Legal Depositions

When civil lawsuits reach a certain point in the process, it is time for attorneys on both sides to take depositions. This is their opportunity to find out what witnesses that may be called to testify for the other side knows about the case. A location must be agreed upon by both attorneys. This can be a simple process or one more thing to argue about, depending on the tenor of the case.

The Basics

Lawyers are not allowed to simply call up potential witnesses for the opposing side and ask them questions without the other attorney present. Instead, a very formal question and answer session takes place. Both the plaintiff and defendant in the case are allowed to be present. Their attorneys are also present. A deposition reporter or officer of the court places the witness under oath and records everything using a stenography machine. The transcript is later prepared if someone orders and pays for it. While a deposition is not held in court, it has the same seriousness associated with it. Any misconduct can be brought to the attention of a judge and punished if the Court sees fit.


Some lawsuits are more contentious and bitter than others. While some depositions are treated as a civil exchange of information, others are a tense ordeal rippled with uncooperative witnesses, objections by lawyers and insinuations of intimidation and unfairness. Parties to the lawsuit and those with close ties to them are often nervous and uncomfortable with the legal deposition process. This is one reason why a neutral site is usually chosen for a deposition to take place. This puts both sides on even footing and does not give the impression of someone having to go into the lion’s lair to be interrogated.


There are a number of locations that are deemed neutral ground. As long as it is not at either attorney’s office, this is usually acceptable to both parties. A spare room in a courthouse is one option, although they are often hard to come by. Special arrangements must be made with the court clerk. Some venues are so busy that they do not have any spare rooms, or those that are available have problems with air conditioning or heat, noise or leaks. A conference room or meeting room in a hotel is another. These cost money and are tacked on to the bill for whichever side sets it up. Sometimes both parties will conduct depositions and split the bill. The most economical and neutral place is usually the court reporter’s office. The court reporter is a neutral third party that is only interested in keeping a proper record of the proceedings and does not have a personal stake in which party prevails in the case. Court reporting agencies are usually well prepared to host depositions and welcome the opportunity to have attorneys and witnesses spend the day in their office and bring them business. Having a neutral, professional location helps diffuse some of the tension and alleviates the intimidation factor that comes with entering "enemy territory" for a deposition.

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Legal services in Belarus

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The popular Law firm-"Stepanovski, Papakul and partners" that started in 2006 year end, offers incredible legal services to the people in Belarus. It was an amalgamation of the Law Firm "Apices Juris" with knowledgeable skill of 14 years along with three individual practices. "Stepanovski, Papakul and partners" is the Law Firm holding a license for providing legal and lawful services and the license number for which is No 02240/0068010 permitted by the Ministry of Justice in the year 2007, Jan 10.

The Law Firm "Stepanovski, Papakul and partners" is one of the largest and the most successful law firms in Belarus with regards to the International and Local ranking lists. It is even recognised as one of the top and principal law companies in Belarus. The Law Firm "Stepanovski, Papakul and partners" aim at uniting the best experts and professionals from different fields of law so that they are efficient to offer excellent legal services to their clientele. They concentrate on the good for their customers results. Their clients success mean a lot to them and they actually work hard for their success. The legal experts are very proficient to offer legal services to solve any complex or problematic legal issue.

The main aim for hiring a team of professional experts is to provide best legal services to satisfy their clients completely. They focus on thoughts to make their clients business successful and are set to solve the most complicated legal matter with great professionalism. Here are the main principles on which the Law Firm -"Stepanovski, Papakul and partners" work in Belarus:
- {Maintenance of professional ethics is compulsory,
- To evade difference of interests,
- Adhere strictly to the legal services that are rendered by this company with the present legislation,
- Work with professionalism in all aspects,
- Main concern to client's interests,
- Preserving lengthy relation and support with the clients,
- Not disclosing any personal information about their clients.

With 15 lawyers working with the Law Firm "Stepanovski, Papakul and partners" are competent enough to resolve legal issues from any field. The legal experts from different legal fields are capable to render first-class legal services to their clients and thus successfully protect their interests and safeguard their confidentiality. They are proficient to converse various foreign languages therefore provide best legal services to clients from Russian countries also along with English speaking clients.

The Law Firm "Stepanovski, Papakul and partners" offer legal services to national as well as foreign companies. The company has 20 staff members which form a powerful institution along with 3 law sections for commercial practice, judicial practice and corporate practice. The legal experts work with thorough professionalism. Hence, if you are looking for any effective Law Firm in Belarus, you can always hunt for help from the Law Firm "Stepanovski, Papakul and partners".

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How to Protect Company’s Reputation When Involved in Employment Lawsuits?

Sometimes, employees have to face some physical, verbal or non-verbal abuse from an employer in workplace area. Sometimes, the physical injuries occur due to the workplace environment and the machinery that is not safe for the workers. They are not provided proper safety equipment at work. In such cases, the employees are hurt physically or mentally and they need litigation for their injuries so that they can get the compensation to fulfill their medical expenses and other daily needs. They can hire a litigation lawyer Sydney who can guide them properly how to make the case strong so that they can easily get the compensation. If you involved any one of the lawsuits that are related to the workplace injuries or other kind of harassment at work, then you can apply for the compensation. This is required to get the expenses for the medical care and other daily basis needs of you. Litigation lawyers are available to guide you in these cases. They have vast knowledge how to solve such lawsuits against the corporate.

If you are looking for the best attorney, then you can search through the web to have your case quickly resolved. If you have pending lawsuit for long time, then you can contact litigation lawyer Sydney. They are highly experienced and have solved many numbers of cases. The employers who want to get rid of such cases to maintain the reputation of the company also hire employment lawyer Sydney. This becomes easy for them to get assistance from the attorneys who have knowledge about various employment laws. They advise them to resolve the case in different ways that is efficient for the corporate and the employees also. The lawsuits are made and the compensation is provided mainly in the injury cases at workplace. But the case needs to be resolved easily as soon as possible. The attorneys are way to easily and quickly solve them as soon as possible without tarnishing the reputation of the organization. The high level companies have already hired attorneys for any of the lawsuits as they can't sacrifice with the reputation of the organization.

The attorneys always guide them when they are involved in any of the lawsuits. The contract breeches can also put the companies in difficulties. Before the organization starts any of the work, they need assistance so that their reputation will be protected in any way. But the low level companies, which don't have their own lawyers, they can hire when they are involved in any of such cases. They also need to maintain their reputation whether it is of low level. They can search through the Internet for the employment lawyer Sydney. The attorneys are also providing services online as these days cases are growing in number. The corporate are in need most of the time. These attorneys have good knowledge and experience for the lawsuit. They advise the ways to solve it with more efficiency and quickly. Don't sacrifice with the reputation of the organization; hire an attorney, who can assist you with best possible ways.

Want to Reclaim a Missing Life Insurance Policy?

Life Insurance is the ultimate security to your family in the happening of death. Though, there are some shortcomings that might hold back your beneficiary from getting the proceeds. If you are a beneficiary to a policy holder who has passed away and the life policy is lost, Later on you find out the Lost Life Insurance Policy; do you think that you are still entitled to get the benefits?

The answer is YES, provided that you discovered it within the time frame of six months to one year the holder of the policy died.

But, you have to know the type of policy the insured bought, whether it is a term or a permanent life policy; also you have to discover if he or she is update with his premium before his or her death. If he or she did not default in premium before he died, you will receive your premium in term life insurance policy but if he or she has outstanding premium to pay before his death you are not entitled to anything because the policy has expired prior to his death.

If it is, you are entitled to the benefits if it is still existed by the time of his demise, i.e. he or she is update in her or his premium. Mind you, if the death was recent, you're entitled to the benefits and also the interest accrued to it starting from the time of death. Therefore, to establish your claim you have to equip yourself with all the necessary documents that shows evidence of payment, else the insurer might deny payment on the grounds of proof.

However, keeping to these instructions will help the beneficiary to receive the death benefits easier and avoid these rigorous processes when you have died. Feel free to discuss with your family or beneficiary about your life insurance policy, though many a time policy holders are not comfortable to discussing this issue but it helps at the long run. Arrange all documents concerning your life policy in a particular place to avoid your beneficiaries from searching all the corners of your house at time of your death.

But, in a situation the policy holder did not adhere to the above, you the beneficiary can resort to the following:

Inquire from those who may possibly be aware of the of the holders transaction, like his confidants, personal lawyer or doctor.

His place of work before his death may also be useful because of group life insurance scheme which most employees benefit from their employers or through supplementary life insurance.

Search through the policy holders used checks to see if you can any made payable to an insurance company.

You can also check his mail file for at least one year, because policy conditions and bills of premium are usually sent on annual basis to the policy holder. You can conduct more searches from any angle you think of, for tangible information.

Experienced Elder Law Attorneys – Helping You Defend Your Case of Neglect

An elderly person is someone who is above the age of sixty five. Such aged people depend on their family and relatives for their various needs, especially if they have infirmities that have been brought about by the age factor. Individuals who are physically, mentally or psychologically impaired will also have to depend on others for their care and general well being. There are other individuals who have problems with their natural development. These problems might have been brought about by accidents or through injury. In all the above cases, these individuals all depend on their families or their relatives for everything in life. The best option seems to be to put such individuals in nursing homes which promise to take good care of them. But do be misled by the tall claims and enticing assurances made by all nursing homes. If you find any form of abuse or neglect being shown to anyone you know, immediately get in touch with an elder law attorney. A lawyer in this field will be able to properly assess the situation and conduct the necessary investigations to find out the truth.

Many years of experience

There are experienced and widely reputed elder law attorneys who have been practicing elder law for many years. They have helped many families and aged people fight for their rights. They have not only helped them build cases but have also helped families to win most of their cases. These lawyers have been successful in litigating hundreds of cases. Among these cases there are many huge companies who have fallen to the strong cases built and defended by these lawyers. This brings a sense of great satisfaction to all their clients and this is exactly what has made them famous.

Highly qualified

There are law firms that specifically deal with cases that relate to abuse and neglect of the aged and senior citizens of the country. The elder law attorneys employed by the firm are all highly qualified and experienced enough to successfully handle your case. These lawyers are not in this for the money. They will make sure that they stay by your side till the very end of the case. They will make sure that apart from getting a favorable decision, you get a fair compensation as well. Giving back to the society

You can know the intentions and the nature of a law firm by watching their actions and how they conduct themselves. There are many elder law attorneys who give back to the society to make it a better place. They make sizeable donations to many charity organizations and other nursing homes that help to take care of the aged citizens. This shows their unselfish attitude and their good naturedness.

Some Aspects of Filing Divorce

When a lawyer is retained for a case, he takes on counselling and guiding the client through the case. Which means that the lawyer needs to know details about the person who hired him as well as information regarding his relationship with the spouse. The grounds that the person is divorcing the spouse must be valid and legal in order for the situation to advance. Before anything else, it has to be established whether the proceedings is a no-fault or fault case. Within the no fault one; both sides acknowledge they have differences which can't be reconciled which their marriage is irretrievably broken. In the fault proceeding, it needs to be established the spouse is at fault and that's why there is a motion for that proceedings to commence. The faults might be anything which range from adultery, abuse and many others. Recently, in many states of the United States of America, the option to choose between the 2 continues to be eliminated. The particular grounds and reasons are often stated out of the box, with or without choosing whether the case if no fault or with fault.

What is Included

There are various aspects that the lawyer needs to look after when the case is underway. These aspects include but aren't limited to alimony, dividing properties, assets and debts, child (or pet custody), prenuptial agreements and many others. Alimony is the amount of cash and support that a person may pay their spouse after divorcing each other. The total amount under consideration relies upon some factors. These factors are primarily impacted by which of the spouses earn more when it comes to income or has more in terms of assets. It's unusual for the judge to rule that the spouse with little if any income give alimony to another. The division of properties is generally mentioned in the prenuptial agreement if there is one, or will need to be discussed, sometimes aggressively, between parties. The Denver divorce attorneys of every party will have to be present during discussion or meeting regarding division of properties, assets and debts. Usually, conjugal property is divided between your potential divorced couple given that they acquired these throughout their married life. There are also some cases, by which, inherited property might be divided between them should there be clauses in the will or even the prenuptial agreement that could support this.

The Denver divorce lawyers also need to fight for client regarding custody of the dependents. Dependents can be the great or adopted kids of the couple as well as the pets that were acquired during the marriage from the couple.

There's also some aspects such as abuse, abandonment, fraud and imprisonment that can be what prompted the experience. Criminal offences against a spouse could possibly be the cause for the separation and termination from the marriage. The lawyer is generally quick to point out any crime committed by the spouse against his client who have prompted the customer to wish to end the marriage.

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Law Firm Offering Business Registration And New Company Incorporation In Hong Kong

Foreign-invested commercial enterprises, commonly known as FICE, are fast becoming an ideal way for foreign investors to enter China's Mainland market. Previously, foreign companies could only form trading companies on their own if they registered in the country's Free Trade Zones. However, as part of China's WTO commitment to let foreign-invested enterprises exercise trading and distribution rights, starting from December 11, 2004, foreign investors have been allowed to set up FICE in the country to conduct wholesale, retail, and other permitted businesses. Definition of FICE A FICE refers to an enterprise with foreign investment that engages in the following business activities: Commission agency: Sales of goods as an agent, broker, auctioneer or sales of others' goods as a wholesaler through collection of fees on a contractual basis; and the related ancillary services thereof. Wholesale: Sales of goods to retailers, consumers from industry, trade and organizations, or to other wholesalers; and the related ancillary services thereof.

Retail: Sales of goods to individuals or groups in fixed places or through television, telephone, mail order, Internet, or vending machines; and the related ancillary services thereof. Franchising: Authorization of the use of its trademark, trade name and operational mode through signing of contracts for the purpose of getting remuneration or franchise fees. Given that the spotlight is really on the growth of the China consumer market at the moment, our experience is that in the last couple of years we've seeing a large influx of foreign investors investing China by establishing a business in hong kong, comments Cory Lam, senior business development associate at Dezan Shira & Associates. This is particularly apparent around the Yangtze River Delta region where many companies are looking to bring their high-end Western brands to the growing retail markets of Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Suzhou. FICE: Pros and Cons Establishing a FICE is one of the best ways for a foreign company to distribute its products in China.

The pros and cons of a China FICE are listed below. Pros Can sell in RMB to local Chinese customers and issue fapiaos Ability to benefit from VAT rebates if exports are done through the FICE Can take control of the supply chain and expand the range of suppliers in China by purchasing in RMB Can establish and operate branch offices anywhere within China Can be 100 percent owned by a foreign entity Can hire directly Has no annual turnover or minimum asset requirements FICE can also carry out a wide range of activities, including wholesale, retail and franchising trade activities in China. Cons Requires registered capital to establish usually at least RMB500,000 to become a General VAT Taxpayer Can take several months to set up (typically 4-6 months) Export and VAT issues can be complex Need to obtain permission from several bodies The legal minimum capital under the law is RMB100,000 for a company with multiple shareholders, or RMB30,000 for a single-shareholder company. However, as the registered capital must reflect the needs of the business, it is usually far higher than the minimum requirement. Depending on the type of operation, typical minimum capital required for approval is between RMB500,000 and RMB1 million. FICE: Tax Treatment The major taxes which apply to a FICE are value-added tax (VAT) and corporate income tax (CIT). Other taxes, such as business tax, consumption taxes, tariffs, property taxes, stamp duties, or vehicle and vessel usage license taxes, may also be payable based on different situation. Corporate Income Tax The taxable income of an enterprise is the net income after deducting the relevant business costs, such as administration, marketing and financial expenses, taxes on sales and depreciation. The standard CIT rate for a China FICE is 25 percent, the same as for Chinese-owned companies since 2008. Value-Added Tax All enterprises and individuals engaged in the sale of goods, provision of processing, repairs and replacement services, or importation of goods within China shall pay VAT. Under that structure, there are two types of VAT payers: VAT general taxpayers VAT small-scale taxpayers For the VAT general tax payers, the tax rate is generally 17 percent for most products. The tax payable shall be the balance of output tax for the current period after deducting the input tax for the current period. The formula for computing taxes payable is as follows: Tax Payable = Output Tax for the Current Period Input Tax for the Current Period For VAT small-scale taxpayers, the tax payable is: Tax Payable = Sales Amount x Applicable Tax Rate of 3 percent Most clients do not know that VAT registration will become a big part of the set up process, comments Lam. For FICEs, it is imperative to obtain the VAT general taxpayer status since without this they cannot deduct the VAT In from the VAT Out, and this will have a big impact on the margins.

Gangfeng Group is foreign investment agent, providing corporate establishment, business advisory, tax advisory and compliance, accounting, payroll, due diligence and financial review services to multinationals investing in emerging Asia. Since its establishment, the firm has grown into one of Asia's most versatile full-service consultancies with operational offices across China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and Vietnam as well as liaison offices in Italy and the United States.

Choosing the Right Law Firm

Many of us hope that there isn't a day when we have to find the perfect attorney to plead our case. Unfortunately, life's circumstances can create situations beyond our immediate control. When many people find themselves in a situation where they could need legal representation, they didn't plan to end up there. Rarely do we consider our legal options without dire need or reason. It's a shame that a hasty decision when choosing a law firm can lead to less than optimal results when it comes to true legal representation. By setting a standard of checking credentials and past cases & results, you can find out if this attorney is the man for the job.

Many attorneys have a public record. Many great attorneys will advertise their successes. A simple Google search might be able to merit some past cases which that attorney has granted legal representation. These valuable sources of information can help you find out if this attorney is experienced in an instance like your particular situation and if they have had past successes. These past successes represent more than a simple verdict; it can represent the wit and aptitude of that attorney to perform in difficult situations, and it gives you a confident track record to base the decision off of.

Law firms often have a particular forte. Some law firms would specialize in things like criminal law, helping defendants to ensure that they have the best possible defense and representation in the court room. Other law firms might specialize more in family law matters such as divorce or possibly bankruptcy. These cases often have very different proceedings. Due to that, it would always be the right decision to opt for the lawyer with experience in the field that you need most. In a more simple sense, you would never call your plumber to rewire the electrical panels in your home. Beyond the suits and ties, law firms are often not too different in terms of their strengths and weaknesses.

Finding that premier attorney is of the utmost importance when it comes to your legal representation. It is always imperative to find someone with the legal knowledge and understanding to represent you best. It's also important to find a law firm which has attorneys who fully listen and understand your case. An attorney who is invested in their work will be able to find details in your case solely by understanding more about the situation and more about you. There is a bright side to this; if you do your homework and pick carefully, you certainly will find the right law firm for the job.

The Many Questions to ask a Charlotte Family Lawyer before Hiring

It is easy to believe that you can hire just any Charlotte family lawyer to help you with your situation. But is this really true? Can you really trust just anybody to handle everything for you?

While every lawyer has something unique to offer, it is safe to say that some are better than others. This is particularly true when it comes to those who deal with family law.

For example, Charlotte Family Lawyer Timothy Porterfield is known to be among the best of the best due to his experience, knowledge, and overall reputation. When you hire somebody with a reputation like his, you can be rest assured that you are in good hands from beginning to end.

To avoid any mistakes and to ensure that you are working with the right family attorney, here are five questions that you should ask:

These are just five of the questions that you can ask as you speak with multiple Charlotte family lawyers about your situation in an attempt to find the one that is best for you.

Before making a hiring decision, ask as many questions as you want. Any lawyer who is not willing to answer them is not worth your time. You deserve answer before you make a decision. This way you can be assured of having the right legal counsel on your side no matter what happens along the way.