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Stop The Drug War »

I strongly believe that the drug war must be ended and I have explained why many times before (click here for a recent post on why marijuana should be legalized.) I think it’s important that those who believe that the drug war is wrong speak up and let President Obama know how they feel on [...]

Ron Paul Will Appear On Montana Ballot »

According to this story, Ron Paul will appear on the Montana ballot on November 4th. It seems likely that Paul’s presence on the ballot will hurt John McCain more than Barack Obama.

Ron Paul Moves His Convention To An 18,000 Capacity Arena »

Ron Paul is holding a 3 day event called “Rally for the Republican” in Minneapolis (also the home of the Republican convention which Paul was not invited to despite his strong showing in the primaries) in late August. The response to the rally has been so strong that they’ve had to move it to a [...]

Ron Paul Quits Presidential Campaign »

Click Here to read the ABC News story. While Paul is quitting his run for the Republican nomination, he is still planning a convention in Minnesota as an alternative to the Republican convention which he is not being invited to speak at despite winning over one million votes during the Republican primaries.

Ron Paul Rejects McCain, Supporting Bob Barr Instead »

Ron Paul on John McCain: “He does not represent limited government values.” Click Here for the full story. Also read: At least 14 Republican members of congress refuse to endorse John McCain.

Ron Paul Holding Convention In Minnesota »

Since the GOP is not allowing Ron Paul to speak at their convention in Minnesota, he’s holding his own. Click here to read the story.

Ron Paul Gets 24% In Idaho »

In another indication that the GOP is not entirely unified behind presumptive nominee John McCain, Ron Paul got 24% of the vote in yesterday’s Republican primary in Idaho despite McCain becoming the presumptive nominee months ago. Click here to see the 2008 Republican Idaho primary results on CNN’s website.

Ron Paul Revolution March In Washington DC On July 12 »

You can learn more about the Ron Paul Revolution March at

Ron Paul Revolt At RNC Convention? »

Fox News talking about the possibility of a Ron Paul revolt at the Republican convention this year.

Ron Paul On CNN’s Situation Room Today »

Ron Paul was on CNN’s Situation Room today with Wolf Blitzer where he said he would not endorse John McCain. He also had positive things to say about Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

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