Why Focus on Birth Control?

Rick Santorum and the rest of the Republican Party are portraying themselves as the protectors of the Catholic Church because of their opposition to birth control.

But an opposition to birth control is just one of many Catholic teachings. Why do Rick Santorum and the rest of the GOP focus on birth control while ignoring these other teachings?

The Pope was against the Iraq War. Did the Republicans feel it necessary to listen to the Pope then? Didn’t Catholics still have to pay their taxes to pay for that misguided war? (through 2011 the Iraq War has cost $806 billion dollars!) On this far more important issue than birth control Barack Obama was with the Pope while Rick Santorum was against him.

The Conference of Catholic Bishops supports health care for all Americans. Once again President Obama is on the side of Catholic teachings while Santorum is against them.

The Catholic Church opposes the death penalty. Santorum ignores this teaching as well.

For more: The Top Ten Catholic Teachings Santorum Rejects.

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