House Republicans Talk Golf After Repealing ObamaCare

***Update*** House Republicans have wasted over $50 million in taxpayer’s money with their 33 meaningless repeals of Obamacare.


Republicans in the House had already passed a repeal of ObamaCare 30+ times and even though they haven’t passed a single job creation bill (like President Obama’s American Jobs Act) they decided to waste even more time today by repealing it yet again (these repeals are meaningless political theatre because neither the Senate nor the President would ever agree to repeal.)

After the vote one House Republican started talking about their golf team on the floor of the House:

A truly ridiculous way to underscore just how incredibly out of touch today’s Republican Party is. They are fighting yesterday’s political battles when most Americans know the number one priority that they should be working on is improving the economy (and job creation in particular.)

The President’s American Jobs Act would help put many jobless Americans back to work, but the Republicans won’t get on board.

Many Americans believe the reason is entirely political: They know that the American Jobs Act would help improve the economy so the GOP is sabotaging it so they can then blame the President for a slow economic recovery.

Remember John McCain’s 2008 campaign slogan? “Country First.” No slogan could apply less to the GOP of 2012. It’s clear that today’s Republican Party puts politics first. They are fine with letting the economy sputter along without any help if they think they can get away with blaming it on Obama.

It’s long past time for the Republican Party to stop playing politics with the lives of millions of Americans. Stop trying to take away their health care and instead start helping them get jobs.

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