Is The Coffee Party Now Bigger Than The Tea Party?

Yes. The Coffee Party is now bigger than The Tea Party. Well, at least it is on Facebook where the Coffee Party Movement currently has 109,606 fans while the Tea Party Patriots have 108,658 fans. Considering the Tea Party Patriots page has been up for almost a year longer, that seems quite meaningful.

What it means is that there’s a huge backlash in this country against the negativity and lies coming out of the corporate sponsored Tea Party and the absurd idea that those on the far right wing of the political spectrum speak for average Americans. Nothing could be further from the truth.

President Obama won the election by nearly 10 million votes in 2008 and, for the most part, if some of those who voted for him are upset with him it’s not because he’s a “too liberal” or a “socialist” it’s actually more likely to be because they feel he hasn’t done enough, that he’s done too much to compromise with the Republican party who drove this country into the ditch it’s in in the first place! He’s made the mistake of making “bipartisanship”*** his number one priority, when it really should have been fixing what’s wrong with the government whether those that broke it want to help him fix it or not.

If you want to join this growing movement of intelligent informed American citizens who are tired of the politics of fear and lies then you should “Become a Fan” and make plans to attend one of the many Coffee Party gatherings scheduled all around the country for this Saturday (that’s March 13th.)

*** It’s important to note that “bipartisanship” is an impossible goal with the modern Republican party as they are not willing to work together with the Democratic party to govern the country. These people play politics 24/7. Not once do they stop playing political games to actually think about what’s best for the future of the country. It’s truly despicable, and the sooner President Obama comes to grips with that reality, the better off we will all be. The Republican party is the problem. And unless they change in a big way, they are not part of the solution.

I hope the American people are not so stupid as to actually reward their disgusting behavior by giving them control of the House this November. That would be a huge step backwards.

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  1. An update on those Facebook numbers:

    Coffee Party: 140K
    Tea Party: 110K

    Where’s the 24/7 coverage from Fox “Fair & Balanced” News?

    admin | Mar 13, 2010 | Reply

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