Most Americans Don’t Like Mitt Romney

According to the latest national poll from PPP, Mitt Romney is not very popular with most American voters: Romney is seen favorably by only 35% of Americans vs. 53% who see him negatively.

For comparison, I found a CNN poll from January 2008 of Barack Obama’s favorable rating at that time; it was 55% favorable vs 28% unfavorable. By October it was 60% vs 39%.

Mitt Romney’s asshole problem is very large indeed.

Update: More Reasons To Dislike Romney.

Romney already pays a lower tax rate than many hard working middle class Americans and his tax plan would cut his own taxes even further. Romney would make an unfair situation that much more unfair. He is “Mr. 1%.”

Romney also believes that the $374,000 he earned for speaker fees in one year is “not very much” money. $374,000 is enough to put him in the top 1% all by itself, but Romney is so disconnected with average Americans that to him it’s “not very much.”

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