Republicans Reject Job Creation & Middle Class Tax Cuts

The Republicans in the House have rejected President Obama’s American Jobs Act which would have created 1.9 million new American jobs and was going to give all working people a tax cut (via a payroll tax cut: unlike millionaire tax cuts – payroll tax cuts boost the economy.)

While Republicans often talk about tax cuts, this blockage of middle class tax cuts makes clear; the GOP is only concerned about tax cuts that help millionaires, not average Americans.

Meanwhile; President Obama is set to propose the “Buffett Rule” which would ensure that all millionaires pay at least as much in taxes as average Americans do.

The President’s new rule for tax fairness is named after Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world, because of his jaw dropping revelation that his secretary pays a higher tax rate than he does.

The lines are drawn clearly; The Republicans are on the side of the millionaires & billionaires, the same millionaires & billionaires who are responsible for driving our country into the worst economic times since the 1930s. President Obama and the Democratic Party are on the side of average Americans.

Middle class Americans who foolishly support the Republican Party are voting for their own extinction. Trickle down economics do not work. It’s time to give economic fairness a try.

The United Steelworkers Union Fights Back

Mitt Romney Says He Would Choose a Vice President Like Dick Cheney

Yesterday, at a town hall campaign event in Arizona, Mitt Romney said if he wins the Republican nomination for President he would choose someone like Dick Cheney as his Vice Presidential nominee.

Romney called the former Vice President “a person of wisdom and judgment.”

Considering many Americans consider Cheney to be one of the most evil men in the history of our country and he was the most unpopular VP of all time, I find this a rather strange thing to say by Mr. Romney.

The American Jobs Act Will Add 1.9 Million Jobs

According to Moody’s projections President Obama’s jobs bill will add 1.9 million much needed jobs in the US.

The message to the House Republicans who stand in its way needs to be clear: Pass This Bill.

And please Republicans; Do not water this bill down by taking out all of the parts of it that will help millions of unemployed Americans get a good job. Pass this bill intact; In the form that will add 1.9 million jobs to the US economy.

Our country does not need any more of the political circus from the GOP House. We need real action on this economy. The Bush Recession is still hurting the lives of millions of Americans and we cannot afford to waste anymore time with the Herbert Hoover approach the Republicans are taking (ie: they’re doing absolute nothing to help the economy.) Pass this bill.

President Obama’s Speech Last Night

How The American Jobs Act Works

Republicans Are Standing In The Way Of 1.9 Million Jobs Just To Hurt President Obama Politically

Republicans Keeping Millions Out Of A Job

No Rick Perry: Social Security is Not a Ponzi Scheme

As this Venn diagram from Mother Jones shows, the only similarity between Social Security and a real Ponzi Scheme is that they are both referred to as a “Ponzi Scheme” by Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry.

Social Security is Not a Ponzi Scheme

Washington Post: The truth about Social Security is not even close to what Rick Perry and the other Republicans, who want to destroy this great program that has worked for the United States since 1935, say about it. With a few simple tweaks Social Security can continue to work indefinitely. And even without any changes at all it will work without any problems up to 2035.

The Biggest Threat To Social Security? Rick Perry

The only way Social Security will not last into the future is if Rick Perry, or another far right wing Tea Party extremist like him, gets into the White House. It’s up to the American people to pay attention and to vote against these types of right wing extremists to make sure this never happens.

Pass This Jobs Bill

President Obama’s speech on job creation tonight had a clear message to the Republicans in the House: Enough with the political games, it’s time to get something done for this economy; Pass this jobs bill.

The American Jobs Act would give a much needed jolt to our economy and as the President repeated multiple times in his speech tonight; it is completely paid for. It includes tax cuts for middle class Americans and small businesses. It includes money for much needed infrastructure projects in the United States.

There are no reasonable reasons for the Republicans in the House not to pass this bill. It’s a great bill that would have very positive effects for our economy and would help many Americans find a job.

The Republicans must pass this bill or they will prove once and for all that their only interest is in playing political games instead of working for the good of the American people.

You can show your support for The American Jobs Act by Clicking Here.

The American Jobs Act Speech

Bumper Sticker That Sums Up The GOP Standing In The Way Of This Jobs Bill…

Republican Party Bumper Sticker

Crazy Moments From Last Night’s GOP Debate

1. Rick Perry blames federal Gov’t for so many uninsured people in Texas. (Huh?! How does that make even the slightest sense?) Texas has the highest % of people without health insurance while Massachusetts has the lowest % of people without health insurance (by a significant margin – “RomneyCare” – which “ObamaCare” is very similar to – has worked very well.)

2. Ron Paul says that eliminating the minimum wage would help poor people. (Yes what we really need are people who have full time jobs yet are still living in poverty.) Libertarian economic polices are a nightmare for anyone who is not rich. Wealth does not “trickle down.” Never has, never will. Progressive policies are the key to the survival of the middle class.

3. Rick Perry calls Social Security a “monstrous lie” and a “ponzi scheme.” (Social Security has been working for over 70 years and will continue to work well into the future as long as right wing extremists like Rick Perry are not elected.)

4. Rick Perry compares anti-science climate change deniers to Galileo. This makes no sense at all as of course the people denying Galileo’s proof that the earth revolved around the sun were the anti-science people of his day. Perry’s analogy is actually a good one; the only problem is that he and his anti-science Republican friends are on the wrong side of it.

Rick Perry Physically Intimidates Ron Paul

This photo of Rick Perry looking like he was trying to physically intimidate Ron Paul (perhaps because of this ad?) was taken during a commercial break at last night’s Republican debate:

Rick Perry Bullies Ron Paul

As Jobs Speech Approaches President Obama’s Approval Rating Rises

President Obama’s approval rating is up to 44% today which is the first time it has been this high since July 27th.

Obviously 44% is still not a great number, but it is a 6% point jump off his lowest level of 38% so it shows some significant political momentum for the President as he goes into his very important jobs creation speech this evening (at 7 PM EST.)

President Obama is proving that his #1 priority is creating jobs and getting the economy going while the Republicans are focused entirely on playing political games and cutting taxes for the wealthy (which do not lead to job creation as George W. Bush’s failure as President proves.)

Ten Top Stories

1. President Obama’s speech on job creation at 7 PM tonight. You can watch the speech live at the official White House website.

2. 9 things we learned from last night’s Republican debate.

3. Yes, the Iraq drawdown really is happening. This is a very important campaign promise kept by President Obama. Remember that John McCain was OK with staying in Iraq for another 100 years so this drawdown would not be happening if McCain/Palin had won in 2008.

4. Rick Perry is requesting FEMA assistance for the wildfires in Texas while refusing to talk about his previous attacks on FEMA.

5. Republican candidates made factually untrue arguments at last night’s Republican debate.

6. Apocalyptic GOP is dragging US into civil war.

7. Republican lies at last night’s debate.

8. Republicans preemptively reject Obama’s jobs creation plan proving once again they have no interest in anything that helps the economy. Their sole concern is hurting the President politically.

9. Jon Huntsman says that the Republican Party can’t “run from science.”

10. And this is a video of the Republican crowd at last night’s debate going wild for Rick Perry’s 244 executions. A very bloodthirsty group.

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