PPP Poll: President Obama Keeping Virginia Blue

In 2008 Barack Obama became the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Virginia since LBJ in 1964. Obama beat John McCain by a 6% point margin (52.7% to 46.4%.)

According to a new PPP poll out today, President Obama is in a good position to keep Virginia blue in 2012.

Obama 48% Mitt Romney 42% (+6)
Obama 50% Newt Gingrich 43% (+7)
Obama 48% Ron Paul 40% (+8)
Obama 51% Rick Perry 41% (+10)
Obama 52% Michele Bachmann 39% (+13)

Similar Margins to 2008

Obama beat McCain by 6% points in 2008 and according to this poll he will beat either of the most likely GOP nominees (Romney & Gingrich) by just about the same margin in 2012.

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