Post DNC: President Obama Opening Up Big Lead

President Obama is opening his biggest leads of the general election cycle:

* Obama is now up by 5 points in the Republican biased Rasmussen tracking poll. This poll showed a 4 point Romney lead before the DNC (see President Obama’s speech / see Bill Clinton’s speech.)

* Obama is now up by 5 points in the Gallup tracking poll. This is notable because it was stuck at an Obama +1 lead for over a week and because it’s a 7 day tracking poll which means the full effect of the DNC bounce is not yet reflected.

* According to PPP Obama leads by 5% points in Ohio & and 1% in North Carolina. These numbers are slightly better than his 2008 results in these two states. If Obama does as well (or even a bit better) as he did in 2008 in swing states like these then he is a lock to win reelection.

* Obama’s odds winning reelection are up to 80.7% according to Nate Silver at 538. Silver called 49 of 50 states correctly in 2008.


In other very good news for the Obama campaign

* For the first time in three months the Obama campaign out-raised the Romney campaign in the monthly fundraising battle: Obama had a 114 million to 111 million fundraising advantage in August. This is particularly good news for the Obama campaign when you consider August included Romney’s VP selection of Paul Ryan and the RNC. Obama’s #s do not include the boost in contributions during the DNC.

* Romney spent $130 million in August ($19 million more than he raised) and yet he wasn’t able to surpass the President in the polls. This seems to indicate that most voters are tuning out Romney’s lying attack ads.

* Bill Clinton is campaigning for Obama in Florida this week. In light of the impressive irrefutable argument former President Clinton made for the reelection of current President Obama on Wednesday night this is very good news indeed.

* Voters aren’t forgetting that Mitt Romney still hasn’t released his tax returns. They want to know what he’s hiding.

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