Some Top Stories For Today

1. Real Clear Politics – Sarah Palin is unfit for office. Consider this scary thought: Sarah Palin in the White House!

2. Mother Jones – Health Care In The United States Is Terrible. Too many (completely disconnected from reality) people think that the US health care system is currently better than that of countries such as France. It’s not. Starting off with very false assumption is standing in the way of true health care reform. First we have to understand how much worse our current system is than all of the other developed countries in the world.

3. The War On Drugs Is A War On You.

4. The Flag Burning Amendment. Again with this anti-American nonsense? Restricting free speech is anti-American. The symbol of freedom should never be more important than freedom itself. When the symbol becomes more important than the freedom itself, that symbol is rendered meaningless.

5. Banning Lobbying Could Save Our Democracy.

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