Trump’s Medical Deferment (Vietnam Draft Dodger?)

According to Gwenda Blair’s book Donald Trump: Master Apprentice; Donald Trump got a medical deferment 1968 to avoid being drafted to serve in Vietnam.

The question is: What was this medical deferment for? Trump was (according to this book) quite an athletic young man so on what basis would he get a medical deferment?


There’s also reason to believe that Donald Trump is nothing more than a fraud when it comes to his supposed investment acumen.

Considering his huge advantages (a millionaire father) his current level of wealth is actually not all that impressive.

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  1. Trump claims to be a rich man. He had everything handed to him. When a man dodges the military draft someone had to take his place. Trump, I hope your replacement didn’t die because you bought your way out!

    Bill Hawkins | Apr 29, 2011 | Reply


    karen strange | May 9, 2011 | Reply

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